What is Fimming?

I see the term here often. Perhaps I’m just not remembering, but I don’t recall reading it in the grow manual I downloaded here. (Could have smoked that memory away, I guess! )

So what is it and why is it done? Is it always beneficial, or are there times it should be avoided?

I’m sure it’s covered in the lab, but I haven’t budgeted that in yet. Soon, but I would really like to get the money for the one time fee. Learning what I have here in the forum, I know I will be well satisfied with the lab.

Any shared knowledge is appreciated.

FIM stands for (f!@# I missed) it like topping but taking only 80% of the top not the whole top it is a great way to double your tops if done right but I will say it’s not 100% you may get one extra top or two hit or miss but I love it it worked for me with great results
Hope that helps
Happy growing

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When you top a plant, you cut the entire main stem cleanly off and then discard it or root it as a clone.
When you Fim, you pinch new buds from the leaf axils (where the leaf meets the branch or stem). This is kind of delicate work but it stimulates a hormone in the plant that causes it to initiate more buds.
Usually used with SOG grows it increases bud sites but may cause the flowers to be smaller than expected. In nature, there is no free lunch either.

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Lol…unless you’re the deer that comes along at night for the nice tasty new shoots.

Thank you. Will have to experiment with this.


That’s what you call a free trimming! Mike