What is eating the Runt of the group?


I have 5 plants on the grow, well 4 and a half really as one is the runt (or ‘stunt’ is really more accurate as it’s growth is stunted despite being raised on the same timeline as all others).
All of the others are lush and healthy but this one is like a mini version, about a quarter the size of the others, despite feeding, and now has something either eating it or it has reacted to some sort of environmental condition.
I thought at first it may be snails or slugs but I have laid bait so they shouldn’t be getting to it and my other plants are not being eaten so why would they pick this one?
Any ideas??


@LilyWai looks as if you are growing outside, so could be any bug.


just a thought


I think you’re right Donaldj, thanks. It does look like cutworms could well be the culprit, esp given that it is only the runt that is being attacked. I have another plant only half a metre away in another garden bed and it’s much larger, healthy and it has no signs of being eaten at all.
Funny but I didn’t see cutworms when I looked at the Pests on the Symptom Checker page.

I’m reluctant to spray so looks like I’m in for a bit of nighttime worm spotting…and squashing!


In nature the weakest or sick plants will actually sent out a signal to bugs to come eat it cause it unhealthy
And i would guess the itber plants are healthy enough they are not releasing the hormone
Best to move the sick or infected plant away from others if possible
Juat my two cents worth @LilyWai


It is definitely a weak specimen, barely 20cm tall with others being chest height now, so on advice I have culled it off in an effort to minimise spread… (& was only really keeping it out of interest, didn’t expect any harvest so no big loss).
But would be gutted to lose healthy plants to bugs at this stage in the grow so bye bye Runty.


You could keep it as a bait plant. Lol