What is eating my plants

My plants have grown almost a foot in the last week. bust something is eating them I am using captian
Jack bug kill . any suggestions?

Caterpillar? I’ve already pulled 2 off a plant and they seem to have zero interest in the one 2 ft away that’s twice as big!
They come out at night to much most it seems so spray them right at nightfall for best results maybe?


Be sure and spray from the bottom up, as well, so you get the under sides of the leaves. If it’s grasshoppers or other flying pests, those are kind of a direct kill thing. Seeing as you aren’t in flower, you can use Neem oil. But be sure to stop using it and switch back to Jack’s as Neem oil absorbs into the flowers and CJDBJ does not. You can use the Jack’s every evening though. Neem oil, every 2 or 3.


Also use Food grade DE at the base of the plant. Especially if they crawl.


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