What is eating my leaves

Something destroyed my dahlias and now is munching holes in my blueberry auto leaves. Neem oil daily seems to have reduced the attack on new leaves but not stopped it. I never see aphids, mites, or caterpillars or frankly anything on the leaves. IVE ORDERED BT spray just in case its nocturnal caterpillars. Should I cover them with netting? Any particular kind?? I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THESE AUTOS. Any help is appreciated.

Looks a lot like Japanese beetles.
What state are you in? No need to get specific about your location.

And btw, welcome to the forum.

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Thanks bud. Im in Virginia. I saw one of those demons today, but that’s the only one this summer. Never seen them on my plants and I have part time guardian chickens (they free roam an hour a day). But. You may well be right. Should I use mosquito netting?

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I think we might be at the end of their season.
Funny, I have not really seen that many this year, but i see where they have eaten my blackberries so I know we have some. They always seem to eat leaves from the inside out. Worms usually from outside in.

Ok. Ill keep an eye out and put some netting over the plants.

Maybe this.

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Thanks. It does kind of resemble that, especially the damage to my dahlias.


You’re welcome.
Hope you can stop em before they do too much damage.

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I was thinking grasshoppers as well I’m fighting them in my greenhouses they are tiny and eat holes in leaves I find and kill a couple of them buggers almost every day. Luckily there’s way more leaves then they can eat. I’ve sprayed Cptn Jack’s to no affect. I used diatomaceous earth early on that slowed them down a little.

It turned out to be slugs. I caught them around midnight.