What is cousing my plants this?

Question from a fellow grower:

I KNOW one of the problems IS temperature I’m ordering an air
conditioning unit this week. My plants LOOK like it’s over watering, but
I know for a fact it is not! I think i have some sort of deficiency or
toxicity fro something, i just can’t figure it out. With all YOUR
experience, you could probably look at it and know immediately what I
did wrong.
I took them sort of in order of progression of the disease or whatever
it is. This has NEVER happened to me before! These are hydro, but also
soil. It’s the same no matter what O try! Ph id 6.8 tp 7.2, TDS approx
85 to 110 ppm. I use only natural nutes, like bat guano, worm castings
etc., and find no evidence of insect life! And it’s the same occurrence
no matter what I try, whether it’d Hydro or soil! I’m hoping I won’t
lose everything! Thank you SO much!

Your pH is way too high, that’s probably your problem …it’s at least a major one

5.8 for hydro and 6.5 for soil are the optimum pH levels

Also my water comes out of the tap at 110 PPM so you might need to recheck some of your readings

-best wishes


Yes I was going to say either oh ph off, nutrient burn or need some water.


Maybe. I misread some info! My Ph was 7.0 and ppms 220! I ordered a reverse osmosis filter and will have to start over! Thanks. Hope this works!

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Your pics vary a lot and it is important to know where on the plant a leaf came from. I am a soil guy so I cannot address hydro. For soil - It looks like the lower leaves are the most affected so an immobile nutrient def. the first two pics are 90% a calcium def. Some of the others look like a magnesium def. I would be sure your PH is right because that can force a def. even though there is plenty of nuts in the soil. If PH does not work add some calcium, like gypsum. Your plants use more calcium than any other nut. Since it will take a week or so to see if you have done the right thing I would adjust your PH and give calcium too.

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