What is causing this lower leaf yellowing into brown spots ? Please help

This one was started before the rest and I don’t know what could be causing this….no symptoms yet on any of the others . Most deficiencies seem to affect the top leaves or the ones closer to the light… this is clearly starting at the bottom. I wouldn’t think root rot this early on. I am doing hydro w clay . Ph is between 5.8 and 6.2 . Temp is around 75 and humidity around 55.

You either need more nitrogen or magnesium and ur ph maybe out but see what the other members think aswell

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I’m a soil guy so not 100% for sure but looks to me like posted above the light green dis-coloring is normally nitrogen def, those spots are most likely a calcium or magnesium issue, hard to say with one exactly, what are you ppm reading going in and out, that should help you start to diagnose the problem. Make sure you are maintaining a good ph level, could be experiencing root lock out if you oh is out of wack

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This one. Thr Yellowing with brown Spots is a sign of Potassium Deficiency. But looking at the other picture yellowing, it looks more like Nitrogen Deficiency.

What are your pH numbers looking like? Also for the sake of having the info, what are your ppm numbers?

How have you been feeding?

Normally K deficiency shows up later in the grow, mid-late flower. So Im leaning towards pH lockout

Are you using a calcium supplements? How about and Silica?
For Hydroponic grows these two are very helpful.
Magnesium deficiencies are another relatively rare occurrence for outdoor growers of cannabis, but it’s found indoors and with hydroponics systems. Usually, it will affect the lowest leaves of the plant at the beginning, causing them to yellow and weaken.

Left unchecked, the leaves will die. This deficiency can also work its way up the plant from bottom to top until it reaches the crown. Magnesium is a very important element for the development of chlorophyll in the cannabis plant, so don’t let the problem worsen, especially in the early stages of growth.

The easiest and most common way to fix a magnesium deficiency is the application of Epsom salts.