What is causing this discoloration on the leaves?

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My guess would be your pH. Have you watered with any tap water??

Yes, I did. I also put a little plant food on the top soil, maybe a little too much?

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you have a picture of the whole plant?

Please fill out the support ticket as that will best help us. Have you checked for parasites? Is this outdoor?

PH is likely the issue.

what kind of plant food? how much? last time you watered it?

Moc špatný pH, chce to něco na zotavení, znáš vita fit od hessi? Very bad pH, wants something to recover, you know vita fit from hessi?

You need to fill out the support ticket.

Checked my ph and it was around 7.5. Used a little vinegar and water to hopefully bring it back to a closer 6.5 to 7.

6.3 - 6.8 is the range you want to target. 7 is too high for certain nutrients to be properly absorbed.

thanks, hopefully I didn’t do too much damage.

These girls can be finicky about some things, but they’re also pretty resilient.