What is causing the yellow and what can I do to fix it

I have 4 plants the biggest is la confidential 13 days old the one to the right and left are maui and they are 4 days old the one infront of the biggest one I s a maui at day 7 all germinated the same all planted in seed starter pellets the 7 day old maui is planted right into soil no seed starter pellet water is distilled only and ive been gradually adding dakine 420 base on the biggest one at 300 ppm… my temp and humidity been 71 to 80 degrees and humidity from 38 to 50…organic soil with vermiculite is the medium

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they all look good just normal coloring. that one in front ( the biggest ) can be potted up into a bigger pot


Whatbyellowing are you referring to?


Thank u for responding im new im just trying to stay on top of things i appreciate your time

just the center of the one seedling across from the bigger one she is just moving slow

Wish I would have taken pics. glad I moved the bigger one roots were exploding dakine 420 bio minerals is what i sprinkled on the soil b4 planting

A solo cup grow? :wink: No nutes No nutes! Is that coco, you could but nah let them go. PH your water, are you using distilled for sprouting and seedlings? Welcome to :thinking: here.


Just starting them out in solo cups…im fairly new done a couple outdoor grows but never indoors…ok no nutes…im using distilled and rain water since it rains everday where I am…im using tap water for germination…and distilled threw till they sprout the oldest is 2 weeks the rest are 8 days 5 and 5…anything would help

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should the leaves be dropping does this mean anything

Everything looks normal for now. Might wanna bring the lights up a few inches to prevent clawing.

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Your seedlings look great ! It is normal for the new growth to be a little lighter color of green.


One more real serious question what should I do with lights i have 1000w led full spectrum kingled grow light…
Ok so my question is a couple…how many hours do I keep my lights on my seedlings ?and for how many days do they have to stay in the 36w germ light led? also…because I e been running 24 hour lights since they popped…

I wish I had an awesome answer for those questions. My old days inside all we had was regular photo period plants. If you varied from a regular increase in the amount of hours onward plants did ok, not so ok if they were just stuck to a regular on/off cycle. This was the case for me. I had a timer with 10 minute increments so I could get real close to following the natural light cycle.

But, these autos…I can’t say. I’m in 12/12, with a half hour of blurple at the beginning and end so 11 hours of full on full spectrum right now. I am still getting new pistols on less mature and even on the most mature and I’m in week 10. I started with 18 on bumped up to 20 when the flowering started, dropped back to 18 at week 8 when everything was flowering, and then the new schedule week 9.

18 on 6 off for all seedlings. Photo period or autos.
24-36 inches from light. That 1000w can burn so just check up daily if not every few hours. I use humidity domes too :+1:t5::grin:

Was wondering is this supposed to happen at 3 weeks my bottom leaves are already yellowish the top looks like its starting to get yellow

You’ve transplanted to a larger pot, it’s a bit shocked, perhaps the nutrients are kicking in. I’d leave it alone, it almost looks like you can see it growing and filling out.

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