What is best light schedule

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What if your growing, per say; jock horror autos’ indoor, what is best light schedule. Autos’ flourish in light.

Most of the guys running autos here have lights on 18/6, unless they’re stubborn and don’t want to flower. Then, you can switch to 12/12 as you would with photos to persuade them.

I have been using 20 on 4 off. Famous breeder D J Short recommends this schedule as he reports it minimizes any stretch and keeps them compact.

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so when I want to start flowering should I turn off lights for a few days or just gradually cut down the lighting time. and how many hours should I light them during flower time

stick to your original lighting schedule, usually no need to change cycles for autos as they flower on their own time .

There really is not ever any need to gradually change lighting periods. Just run 18/6 and then flip to 12/12 for photoperiod plants. Stay at 18/6 (or 20 /4) for autos. No dark days necessary. Changing to 12/12 with autos is something you can try if things go wrong. Like maybe the seed did not have the auto gene after all.


^exactly what @1BigFella said…just switch your timer to 12 hours of darkness and let it go.

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first time growing indoors thanks for the tips,