What is a safe PH UP product?

Agree with @RayDoug sodium can affect the Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR). It is a ratio of sodium to magnesium and calcium and if that balance is out of whack no bueno for plants.

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@JaneQP, thank you so very much, I suspected as much. That is what I initially thought magnesium (lock-out), as well as others. So this is very good service. What would you suggest for rain water PH 5.4 EC, PPM insufficient.

Thank you :blush:

If you’re ppm is really low then no need to ph it unless you’re adding nutrients to it that raises your ppms over 100

@JaneQP. GREAT link. That is the type of data I am used to. I have a BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.) Again thanks you so very much. And product recommendation would also be appreciated. I’m not trying to like tap on and ask you many questions. But I won’t…thank u

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I like @BobbyDigital ‘s silica idea. I use plain old tap water which runs about 7.3-7.5. I switched to a living soil grow with dry amendments and PPM are no longer super critical measurements.

I use a two part product called Earthdust (credit to @MeEasy ). Base is added to the soil and allowed to cook to get a healthy microbe colony and then two applications of the bloom amendment.

BUT if I add anything to that water I always check the pH and adjust accordingly. Small pinch of citric acid to lower. Haven’t had to raise pH.

I will put some of my silica solution in a dropper bottle now for “just in case” I encounter a low pH solution. A cap of that stuff will spike my feed water to over 8.

I try to avoid sodium based items but it is hard to find non-sodium based detergents etc. I will not turn into soapbox scientist and just shut up now LOL.


Thanks, wise info.

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I use blue lab ph up Some brands little stronger than others use last drops , To get back to the sweet spot.

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