What is a reasonable amount of amber trichomes from a blueberry autoflower

From a fellow grower: I have a blueberry autoflower outside that has been flowering for about seven and a half weeks, and, has for the last week or so been building foxtails upon the already huge buds. These foxtails look like pretty little Christmas trees growing on the buds rather than the type that look like a new stalk growing out of the bud. I doubt it’s heat or light stress, but it’s hard to view the try comes on the main buds for all of the fox tails… I guess my question here is, since I am in no way of guru of every strain out there, what is a reasonable amount of Amber trichomes to expect on this blueberry strain? With This strain can I expect a sedated buzz without a majority of Amber trichomes?



I got all that down, thanks! :sunglasses:

My deal is the foxtails have white pistils on them and the larger more mature buds that the foxtails are growing on are covered in red pistils. Problem is that the foxtails make it difficult to see the trichomes on the buds… I have plenty of milky trichomes, but, and it may be this Texas sun, I’m just not seeing as much Amber as I’d like to…

I do desire a couch lock effect, if possible, but I’m more concerned about harvesting too early.

Honestly, the best advice I think I’ve ever received as far as the harvest time is “when you think they’re ready, wait another week”.

I dunno…


Howdy from Wales.
I bought a cheapo electronic kids microscope and hooked it up to my computer and the trichome look like Yum Yum !

Bresser is my brand here at the casa :face_with_monocle:


10 days maybe…the clock is ticking…have an early smoke just for jolly !

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Man… This thing looks so good I want to eat it, and I absolutely loathe rabbit food… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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My notes say this girl went into the dirt on May 28. Started flowering in June 20th-ish…btw.

I’ve had blueberry autos go 16 weeks and not amber up. I ended up pulling them at all cloudy.


Doubtful it matters in the long run, but indoor or outdoor grow?

One outdoor. Two indoor. Also in Texas. Maybe it’s Texas, lol

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Maybe… I have an Amnesia Haze autoflower that’s been in the ground since April 20th… She started flowering and then I freaked her out with the nutes, I think, and she re-vegged. She’s coming along quite nicely now, and is so frosty there are trichomes coating the underside of the dew leaves…

I didn’t have an issue with amnesia ambering up. In fact she finished up a week shy of 12 weeks flower. But she was a photo not auto.

Is this the Bresser scope mentioned above?


Amazing how much the lighting can change things… Waited until the sun started to set behind the trees and went out and checked my blueberry plant with an illuminated 60 x magnifier and they did not look ready. Then I thought to turn the light off, because I’ve read you should really try to check trichomes under natural light, and once I did that I saw that they were about 60/40 cloudy/Amber. Right in the zone…chopping her early Sunday morning before sunrise…

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no, its a microscope with a usb plug. try this

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