What is a realistic yield from the plants?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a 300 watt led and I plan on growing two blueberry autos in a 3*2 tent. What is a realistic yield from the plants?

3 ounces maybe ?

Yup, that’s what I thought too. I have grown four autoes in three gallon pots and average was 1.5 ounces per plant. But I think I could’ve treated the roots better with the info I have now.

How about 2 White Widow feminized. With the p300 led light, scrog in a 32"x32" tent, fox farm trio nutes in FF ocean forest soil in 5 gal. Smart pots?

What about it ? If you asking on how much you will yield with light in the size grow tent you have , than its no sure answer to that question Sir . The reason is that it’s a lot of different methods in growing . You can grow a plant 6-8 ounces and I can grow the same plant and only get 2 ounces , it depends on several options that will determine a yield . Growing techniques , training , topping , scrogging , feeding , watering , Temperture , Light and humidity . But scientifically I think it’s 1 gram per watt , by 50 square feet I think , and if you haven’t already , I suggest you download the "Free Grow Bible " and you can never read the grow bible too many times , for me after 7 successful grows , I still have to revert back to growing journals , the grow bible and many other basic learning steps on growing . But for beginners , I suggest you get everything you need to grow from seed to harvest , set it up and do a dry run for 3-5 days to make sure you have everything dialed in the grow space , soak your seeds for 8-12 hours in Luke warm water , than place them in between a moist paper towel until the bean pop and show its tap root , are you can soak a pet pellet starter cube and place seed in the starter pellet and put in a small 8 ounce plastic cup with a lil soil , kept moist not wet until seed sprouts up into a seedling , once it sprout I’ll give it a go and see what the outcome would be from your skills are abilities to grow . But no two people grow the exact same weight with the same strain . Some get 1.5 -2 ounces on auto flowers and I produced 4.5 ounces , so hopefully this answer your question and give you an insight on what I’m trying to explain here, sorry 12 hours a day gets hard when your aging faster than you can work .


Yup the grow bibke is fantastic… i have my first grow ever started, lm About 4-5 weeks into veg right now. I was just curious if there was an average.

The average on a plant is based on the light intensity , 50 square feet of a wattages squared four sides should yield a gram per watt , but you must have very strong lights . Now this is science times physics , I’m not to old , but I’m to old or stupid to remember the formulas . The only formula that’s most important is the Lucas formula that I used to grow and I learned that from staff members here on the best growing forum and community on the interweb.