What is a good temperatuer for tent?

I had a heater in my tent worked fine last grow. I added a light this grow. The lights make it 78 to 80 degrees in the tent. Is that going to be to hot? Or should I try to get more air flow?

More airflow is always better (to a point.)

80F is fine for your plants. Too far above 85F is where you might start experiencing issues.


Thanks thats what I needed to know!

What sized tent? And 84 is my normal temp. Short term high temps are not terrible. It is when they drag out. I saw 105 :grimacing: in my room a few times this grow. But air flow will make a lot of difference.

4x4x80 I thought I would speed up inline fan. But If 80 is good. Then I am ok…It stays a even 80f

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I ran 2 clip on fans on the top of my 4x4 and had one on the floor blowing air in. My temps were normally high from running a bunch of viparspectras. I was running some high humidity through flower in it too and was good. As long as you have good air flow. You should be fine. But 80 is in a safe zone for sure

Yeah, I have the same 2 clip ons and a its called a tunnel fan I have it right in front of my vent on tent. It seems to be doing well.

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You should be fine. I started 4 plants and grew 2 to harvest in it. One got so big it wanted the whole tent. So I had to buy a 3x3 to use temporarily for the other one.

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my last grow tent was 2.5x2.5x62 small had three plants in there 2 ened outside to finish…lol

Picture sucks. The 2 in the back were Blue dream autos. The front left was a big bud that wanted most of this tent. The front right was an AK-47 that filled a good part of the 3x3. All were autos. I can’t grow out side here. I wish I could do at least one



Haha yeah I see what you mean now :joy: nive though :+1:

this chart explains at what temp and what humidity works best for your plants. It’s called VPD or vapor pressure deficit. @dbrn32 is more knowledgeable about it than I am. But it basically shows that you can grow in a wide range of temps with no problem as long as the humidity is in the correct range with the temp…


Nice plants!! Here where I am at for this grow.

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