What is a good source of micro nutrients?


Whats a good product to use for nutrients other than NPK ?
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Cal/mag is a common one; provides calcium, magnesium, and most brands also provide Iron in their formula.


Cool. Is there a specific manufacturer.
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Advanced nutients - 3 part (micro, grow, bloom) as believe this site has “Mirco” Or use a good “Tea”


Have a question ?I have the jungle juice 3 part…but I’m not using it .but I was wondering if I could still use micro in my feeding program with out the other two?


I use:
Ca- Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)
Mg- Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)
Fe- EDDHA (Iron)
B- Boron (Borax Soap)
Silica - Dyna Grow Silica
Zn- Zinc (Galvanize Steel)
N- Nitrogen (Fish Poo)
K- Potassium Sulfate (organic potash)
P- Phosphorus (organic Rock Phosphate)
Cu- Copper (PEX copper crimping rings)

@Riccky I don’t see why not.


Thanks for the reply