What is a good setup


I ve done sommuch research and i am finally ready to go ahead my questions are as follow… i looked at gorilla grow tent a 8×8×6’7 that was ideal for me though big it’s what i want to go with four a set up as such i don’t know exactly what wattage i would need i was thinking from reading 1500-2000 i know i want to use led lighting true lighting if able if not still led my goal was to yield at least 2-2 1/2 lbs per so if asmaller tent would be needed i am open for feedback i know as first time grower (the correct way) im susceptible to mistakes buy this is my goal can anyone help me out w answers to my questions? I looked at gorilla lite series and pro series


In an 8x8 foot your math sounds fairly close since you will still want room to move around your plants 2000w is about right your weight goal is pretty steep if you are new to indoor growing I’d run 2 1000w HID’s myself cool tube vented.
1 inline fan to cool 2 lights
Or you could look into LED at double the cost per light and likely need 4 to cover same foot print and still have extra heat to deal with.


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the lights are connected via flexible venting so 1 fan blows cool air through both and directly out of tent and LED is used as true watts to get anywhere near same yields as hid lights. The link I sent you includes everything for the light hangers shade ballast 2 bulbs and timer all you would need to do is get a fan and proper flex vent. 1 1000w hid will cover 5x5 or 25 sqft your tent is 64sqft total making this would accommidate 10-18 plants comfortably.
Also would want a carbon filter and exhaust too


Sounds great thanks for feed back basically the fam would be to keep hid cool so rig them to blow through the 2 hid lights (ill need 2 correct) and the other fan too blow it straight out correct… As for the carbon the carbon filter would be for? As i know the exhaust is to minimize the smell/ odor


Here is a very simple list


may want a taller tent but that’s the right idea and you will see in this link a picture of how lights are vented https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=214867
Carbon filter is for the smell :wink:


not important where you buy if you can find similar cheaper by all means :slight_smile:


That is a bunch of rather vague statements there, No worries. here is what you should do.

Go to beginners forum. Look in GrowFAQs for “ILGM Support Ticket”.
Copy paste this to your desktop. Read over it. This ILGM.ST is
designed to have you inform us as to what you are doing.

However; With you just starting out; This is a perfect way to learn
what you need to address to grow successfully. We will be ready for
your questions after you educate your self a little more. Glad to have
you here. Lw


Thanks @latewood get excited and forget to edit b-line when making lists lmao :slight_smile:


@Donaldj and @latewood his site has been way more useful than my research and way more helpful well thank you for your help it has gotten me a lot further then I’ve been able to get on my own and a lot more time effective also the test that you recommended was basically six and a half by six and a half by six and a half would you recommend this one over the one that I was going to invest in 8×8×6’7 here and now w that it being so cheap compared to the one I was going to purchase from gorillas tents is it quality

<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/2/2b0c9eaedb6dc6e75a9c658961ad624d00576846.png" width=“281” height=“500”


Lol I am merely saying that with the money you save on your tent you can use it on other parts of your set up Gorrilla tents are nice but also paying for the name as much as the tent I wouldn’t care if I had to duct tape seems to keep light out if it saves me 3-$400 so long as in the end I can get to where I want. Investing in growing is running in the negative for months waiting for your first crop to finish and saving a few bucks to re-purpose when starting from nothing is simple logic. By the time you buy meters nutrients seeds lights timers fans and all the other little odds and ends it adds up fast so in the end it’s always up to you and your budget what you choose to skimp on. For me lights ventilation nutrients and media are not wear I would skimp a tent which I can reinforce as I see fit yep I’ll skimp out there :wink:


honestly we have members growing in cardboard boxes with success so everything always comes down to where you wish to save money :slight_smile:


Wow that looks like quite a tent there. Compared to the Gorilla it is quite a bargain!


@Donaldj thanks again that saves me so much money to put in other places you really know what you talking on actually I’m just gonna grab all the links you sent and go from there! :blush::blush: for this Trent tho i would still need 2000 watss (purchase two lamps) correct?


Yea if you read the other threads you’ll see @donaldj all over it, he helps whenever he can, I know I appreciate all the help! I myself have the iPower HID light kit, and I absolutely love it. I’ve bought two complete packages now! And I build my own tent, to save even more money. But for people like yourself, Amazon is king! and I can say from personal experience that everything I’ve got from Amazon (for growing purposes), has been just as good of quality as any other store or website. I’d much rather see a fellow grower get the best deal out there, rather than get robbed by some of these grow companies. Not to say they don’t make quality products, I just don’t understand how they charge SO much and people still buy it?

But anyway, keep us updated, I’d love to know what you end up ordering and when you get it all! Are you going to start a grow journal?


@ktreez420 honestly i dont know what a grow joirnal is… i was gonna start my own book w my info plants strain etc day to day to see my errors and what i do well i want to grow learn all i can and continue to become a dependable grower w knowledge afterall i love marijuana pun intended one quick question tho i didnt want to do hydroponics and the tent from the above link said hydroponics i wanted to grow from soil …lol can u let me know if i can use it for that? And what is sog scrof etc


Yeaa haha you can use soil, soilless, or hydro in that tent. In any tent honestly. SOG stands for Sea Of Green, which is when you put lots of plants in a tent to make a so called, sea of green. SCROG is, Screen Of Green. This is where you take netting, or a screen, and place it over your weed plant. From doing this, you train the branches and chutes to grow under the screen, continuously growing outward, but also growing new growth inside the plant (new growth on the exposed branches). Here is an example of a SCROG net, I actually just made it last week.

I would recommend to read some more threads on here, there are a couple people doing SCROG right now that you could check out. Also, to watch some videos of people with their SCROG setups. I myself love to read and watch what others have done, or still do. Hope I helped!


I’d do a full journal but I grow a weekly harvest so hard to do any start to finish journal


@ktreez420 @Donaldj ore than helpful all info helps even if you already know something. Im def gonna stay in contact. I think getting seeds will be challenge bc I’ve been reading and it seems hit or miss bc this site from reviews takes forever it’s almost like you got to order them b4 everything else? …idk! I’ve been informed on other sites to use for seeds that are pretty reputable but i will start w white widow def and eitherchocolope or silver haze dk yet any suggestions?


I’ve only ever bought seeds from Bonzaseeds.com, and the three times so far I have ordered, I got them all sent to my door with no problem. All seeds germinated have too! With them you get to pick one seed at a time, so that’s why I first began to buy from them. But ever since I have purchased from them I will always go back to them. They’ve given me so many different freebies and even give me a tracking number for my order. I can’t advise you on where to order from though, but I know a lot of people order right from ILGM.com.

I’m actually growing Chocolope Kush right now haha, it’s only a seedling though but I’ll let you know as she progresses!