What is a good pest/fung

What is a good fungicide pestucide for out doors on the cheap side for outdoor grow…is safer garden 3 in one anygood

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I’ve not used it before but have read on here from some of the experts that neem is the thing to use.

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Capt Jacks Dead bug and Dr Zymes


are you sure they sound like snake oil have you used them

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Neem is ok in veg but not flower. I am using Pure Crop1 and so far so good - first year using. Not cheap but a little goes a long way…
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It’s used in organic gardens.


Lol, yes! I have both of them in my Arsenal. You’ll find they are the two popular ones amongst the forum members. Mainly because you can use them into flower without harm in consuming

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Jacks Dead Bug is what I use but I’m not sure how effective it is. I am fighting leafhoppers and spider mites.

Is Neem oil still good to use?