What is a good nutrients that I could use for my girls

This is Exactly what is confusing to the Beginner, Wayy too much info, please try keep it simple. I am not new to growing, but new to this forum and inside growing techniques. I am an outside grower,Tilled soil plus amendments. I have just ordered my first lot of Beans from ILGM and am starting an indoor two week grow before transplant outdoors. I’m Blown away by a lot of the grow techniques, and a lot of the conversation is of a Foreign language. I have 10 started inside at 6days now and all but two are doing fine. Growing inside has completely freaked me out!! Too much watching time.
Luckily I have been able to extract enough info to start this “inside thing” but heres the funny part, as I m"waiting for my beans I bought soo much stuff , I almost forgot the basics" its a weed" every time I here “this is The Best Stuff” there I go again buyin" it , hell I got “MOON DUST” on order commin in next week, WTF!? t yeah I got stuff commin from outer space to help me grow the best stuff on earth. I’m just sayin guys, us newbies love the help but please try to keep it simple.
I"ll be starting my out door Auto grow post soon, wait till you see how simple this …isn’t. <*)))><(

Very Well, I will just read from this point on.

Kinda expecting it wont matter though

It all matters my friend, these guys are Good at growin, they only want us to succeed ,problem is No two growers are exactly alike, I belong to a couple of fishing forums and the amount of advice given to newbies is crazy. I myself write articles on these fishing forums geared to the newbie but we learn as we go.I got great info from the grow guides on here as well as from the forum posts and answers to these posts, if youre gonna post… expect A lot of answers, we all learn something from each other.

There is no issue of censorship here. it is a matter of injecting something off topic and muddling up the thread.

If anyone wants to debate about Genral Hydroponics getting bought by Scott’s, and them being part of Monsanto…I think; The start a new topic. Now this topic has got loaded with off topic debate about this. AS I said. Add to the topic. Do not take away from the topic.

Now this member has to wade through all these extra off topic posts. this is also the reason that we delete posts occasionally.

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Cool :slight_smile:

p.s. Now everyone has had their say on this; So I would appreciate it if we could move on as I asked last week. And; Don’t be surprised if I delete all reference to the Scott’s reference. :wink: