What is a good intake fan?

I have the Ipower Inline Fan Carbon Filter Kit and I just recently purchased and received yesterday the Ipower 100 cfm Booster fan which Doesn’t really push lots of air through. So what intake fan should I use or should I just leave the vent window open on my tent? Where my tent is located there’s lot’s of light so I would prefer the window is closed. It would really be helpful if the intake fan doesn’t cost too much, thanks

What If I Did something like this using a filter of some sort? It blocks out light from entering or leaving but it still gets air? This is not my image I took it from google! Except mine will be on a tent. 1

If you are worried about smell, it is better to suck air out than force air in. If you create an over-pressure (more cfm in than out) it will also force smell out. Natural intake like that is fine, and go from there. I would plug everything in and let it run (lights, exhaust, fans, etc.) for an hour or so to see what you end up with climate-wise and see what you need to do.


OK well a few minutes ago I lit a blunt and blew it into the filter but it didn’t seem to take the smoke away, but I had the tent open could that be the reason the smoke didn’t get sucked into the filter? I’m talking about the carbon filter

:rofl: Get in the tent and zip it up LOL I would!

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OK I’ll try that

If it’s gonna be good enough for your girls, it better be good enough for you :wink:

I agree with whodat66 pull the air out. Leave a intake hole open place a piece of flex hose in the hole bending a couple times so you see no light. You should be able to place your hand over the intake hole and feel it pulling fresh air in. Good luck

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I just went into the tent and took a few hit if I blew it at the filter it get’s sucked up but if i blew it away from the filter it just linger’s a little bit. Is that normal. The fan is 190 cfm in a 4x4x80 I’ll be only growing 2 plants

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I have the same I-power 4" fan. It will reduce the life-span of the carbon filter, but I removed the sock-wrap-filter thingy from the carbon cartridge and it helped with airflow immensely May have to click-it because it’s tall, but here’s my closet set-up. The cfm of the fan is less than that of the exhaust.

I have a small fan by the intake vent helping to force AC’d room air in. There is a cut-to-fit filter in the stud-space where I cut the vent holes.

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OK, So by removing the white sock will still remove the smell of the plants? just better

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The sock is a pre-filter to collect dust, dander, cat hairs, whatever - and extend the life of the filter. the carbon will still do it’s thing regardless.

A new carbon filter is about $34, so I’ll buy one every grow just like soil and nutes if I have to, but the airflow is imperative.


OK I see I took the white sock off also I notice why It wasn’t sucking in the smoke that good . My duct on the fan started to come off I used duct tape but It doesn’t seem to hold that good. What do you use to keep yours intact?

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Foil tape. It’s basically thick aluminum foil with adhesive. Used specifically for ductwork. Duct tape should work too if it’s not the dollar general variety, just rub it and press it with your fingers to get each part to stick, and when in doubt use more.

With the foil-tape, I use a credit card or bondo-scraper to rub over the tape and ensure adhesion.

Oh OK , Thanks You have been a really big help

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I just tagged you on my grow if you want to check it out. Beware, it’s like a book-face page as well as a grow-journal :wink:

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metal band clamps work best for me.

as others stated…best to pull air out of tent/grow space. especially, if only have one.
blowing into tent will mostly puff the tent with over pressure and tent will leak…so no gain.

I got a small 6" black fan, 12’ of reinforced ducting, and a speed control for $40…off Amazon.

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I Just so happen to have one of those clamps around and it fits perfectly, Thanks

Yes…less chance of a leak which would diminish the performance.

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