What insect is this?

Picture below. Thanks for your


Fungus gnat I believe

There are a few ways to treat them like , gnat nix, sticky traps , DE. Just plug in “fungus gnat” into the search bar and you will find a ton of helpful info✌️

I’m certain it’s not a fungus gnat - much too large. Can you answer a few key questions - wings? If so one set or two? How are antennae segmented? How many nodes? How many legs?

I do not think this is an issue more than likely you just had some bugs crawl in your home and made their way to a warm area under your lights.

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That is a female cockroach

could be a German roach looking for warmth. Have any appliances here? They love getting inside of dishwashers where it’s warm and a ton of decaying material for them to eat.