What I'm I doing wrong

I have been growing for 7 years. The first six years I had zero issues. All my seeds came from ILGM.
A year ago I purchased 10 WWAF. My good luck came to an end. 3 of the 10 grew to harvest with one of the 3 only grew to 8 inches tall. My next order of 5 had 2 make it to harvest. The last order the first 4 died ( 1 above soil, the other 3 never made it up), the second four only one made it above the pellet. Every seed that died either died without coming through the medium or within 1" died. I read up on damping-off and I believe that was my problem. This last grow I paid special attention to moisture. All four seeds soaked the same amount of time, all four started the main root, all four put in the same type of medium (peat pellets), under the same light, I waited 1 1/2 days after prepping the pellets (they were wet) to put in the seeds. The seeds have been in the pellets for 4 days. I expected to see 4 seedlings this morning. Only 1, HELP.

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Pictures say a lot. Welcome to ILGM.
The peat pellets can become waterlogged, and it’s not good for seedlings. I recommend squeezing out excess moisture, or using rapid rooters.
Damping off is typically caused by over watering.
Seedlings should have a clear dome over them after they sprout to maintain a high humidity, until they get roots planted.
We’ll get you where you need to be. @cook7200

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Thanks for responding, The plastic top is on my kitchen table, forgot about that. The pellets were water logged, I let them set for 1.5 days before I put the seeds in. Should have waited longer or squeeze the water out before putting seeds in. I remember telling myself the pellets have to much water. Do you think that the seeds that didn’t come up could still be good once I squeeze out the water? If not I need to order more seeds. Thanks again.

Did you soak the seeds at all before putting them in the pellet? If not, maybe squeeze away some excess water, and give them a few more days. If they were soaked before hand, or had cracked open, sprouted taproots, etc., they’re probably goners after 4 days.

Yes I did soak the seeds. On 1/15/2020, that evening I put the seeds in a wet paper towel. Friday the shell started to split, and my plan was to plant the seeds Saturday morning. That morning the pellets were very wet. I left the seeds in the paper towel and allowed the pellets time to dry. Sunday afternoon I believed the pellets were good. I placed one seed in each pellet. Every seed had the main root out of the shell. Once planted I placed the container in the grow tent and turned on lights and fans. Checked plants on Monday (2), Tuesday morning tops of pods was turning tan. Tuesday night I added drops of water to the top of the pellets. Wednesday morning one seedling came through. I added the plastic top over the plants hoping the other three come through the medium.

Wouldn’t hurt to give them a little longer. But if they already had taproots peeking out and haven’t sprouted 4 days later, that’s probably no good.

You’re covered here.

I thought you would say that. I’m going to give it till Saturday morning. If the other plant don’t come through I will plant new seeds. Thanks

Well, since this morning, when I added the plastic cover and got great advise, the other three plants are moving medium and are trying to come through the top. We will see if they desire the light of day. Thank again.

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I have 4 through the dirt I believe 2 are dead and 2 are coming along. If the two actually die I’ll plant 2 more in a couple of days in not so wet medium. A year ago I started saying, (How hard can growing be, it’s just a weed). This last year was my punishment for believing I had growing perfected. Shame on me!!! I’ll keep the pics coming throughout the grow. Thanks for the support.

Looks like you’re doing fine so far. :+1: The only thing I’d suggest is to label them another way. When you pull that stick out, you may damage some roots, and they’re shading them some.

Heyyyyy don’t insult my wonder drug! It’s in the same order as roses, and all those hemp farmers buying new houses and cars right now will say otherwise, too :v::wink:

Didn’t think it through on the label sticks. Will hang label from felt pots when I transplant. The third plant came up and is thriving. Thanks


In my grow pots they are 5 gallon felt. I used an organic mix 50%, peat moss 25%, perlite 15-20%, topped it off with potting soil. Mixture is light weight with plenty of room for oxygen and drainage.

Im beginning to see peat pots as being pretty risky for expensive cannabis seeds. Peat tends to get pretty soggy and the very nature of preparing peat pots requires saturation. While they are very convenient, they are also prone to damping off. I have never had any issues germinating in 2 inch plastic trays with straight peat based potting soil. I put the soil in a rubbermaid and add some water, stir it around until it feels kinda damp but not wet. Pack the cells fairly tight and make a hole with a pointy stick. Works every time without fail! Never have damping off, dont need to water until the first set of true leaves are fully formed. I dont even use a dome!

elheffe702 no insult intended. I agree with you, elheffe702, it is a wonder drug. If I didn’t have the option to use cannabis I would still be on prescribed morphine sulfate and hydrocodone candy for break through pain. My doctors put me on opioids in 2001 and continued to increase the dosage when I asked for it. In 2016 I began paying more attention to long term issues with taking opioids. Comparing opioids and cannabis, for me and my needs cannabis is a safer and a wiser choice. ILGM, thanks for providing the forum. You help growers the chance to produce quality cannabis.