What I'm doing right now and what's next?

First timer here. I think I’ve finally got my grow closet the way it needs to be (aside from some more reflective surround material). To recap I have 600W HPS MH light with attached 6 " Hyper Fan for exhaust, an another 6 " Hyper fan attached to AC vent for intake. Closet is 2.5 X 5.5 X 8 feet in size and is air tight (aside from venting). Air is exhausted thru the ceiling and exits at a roof turbine. Temp at plants stays in the 72 - 82 degree range. Light is about 2’ above plants. Light is on for all but 5 hours a day. Is that too long? I’ve read some people keep theirs on all day for veg state.

Currently watering every day or every other day. I water until I see water exiting the pots. I wonder if I’m watering too much. Comments please. I started nutes (Big Grow) last week. Plan to do nutes weekly. I’ve ordered a digital PH meter and with PH/up/down and will begin monitoring and controlling PH once those items arrive.

The picture is at 2 weeks and 2 days. When should I transfer to big pots? What else should I be doing?

These are Amnesia (FEM) Haze.


I think those plants are a bit small for all that water. Don’t water until the soil is dry, then water to runoff.


Yea, Thanks, I’m thinking every third day? At every 2 days the soil is still moist beginning at an inch or two…

PS, everything else ok?


Don’t get stuck on a human schedule. Listen to your plants. Water when the top 2" of soil are dry or when the pot feels light. Be ready to adjust your amounts based on your plants’ thirst; even the same strain in the same grow, one plant might be thirstier than another. Same thing with nutes.

Once your plants tell you what’s what, you go on their schedule. Pretty much, you’re their little b#@$h until harvest. :grinning:


Oh, what size pots are you using?

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Yes, they look good, but like @blackthumbbetty said, you have to go on their schedule, so don’t just water because it’s watering day. Make sure they really need water first.


These are 1 gallon grow bags. I also have 5 gallon bags to use next.

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OK, got it, Will pay attention to plants/soil for watering schedule. What about my other questions? Time to transplant? Light schedule ok?

I think they can go another week before you need to transplant. Wait until they start getting really thirsty, that will mean the roots have filled up the pot. As for lighting, most use an 18/6 schedule.

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Thanks… will adjust.

Being my first grow, this has been one expensive project! I’ll get the money back over time but right now my return is not too good :slight_smile: I’m pleased so far. I had the seeds lying around for months and so far things are going well. My grow room is pretty darn good now. Quiet, secure, and a good environment for the girls.


You can also tell if water is needed by the weight of the pot. When girls are dried out pick one up. Then water them & pick it up. You’ll feel the difference.

Hmm. I’m a measurements guy. I’ll put them on a scale and keep track…

scales will show the added weight of the plant growing stems and roots.

most do 18/6 for veg…then flips to 12/12

some will run the lights 24 hrs for auto’s…really not sure this is a good thing for the Plants.

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It seems like a lot of $ @ first but once you start harvesting & not buying you will be pleasantly pleased. Ive got a 4x4 tent & harvest pound & half (give or take) on 2 grows.