What ILGM strains are similar to growing and the feeling you get from Strawberry Kush


I would like to try a different strain this year and was looking for some input. Also, it says on the seed shop that Strawberry Kush grows best in cool climates, but we have 90 degree days and 80% humidity in the summer months and mine done great last year. I grow outside. Thanks…


Well. Strains similar in size and growth pattern: OG Kush, Blue Dream, White widow.

I have grown the Fruity Pack; Blueberry, Strawberry Kush, and Pineapple haze. Thr Pineapple Haze looks different but was similar and size and girth. Nice. Different effect but, Awesome, is Super Silver Haze.

I am growing a Chronic Widow next when my fruity clones finish. Oh yeah; Rainbow Kush is another one.

Have fun choosing, lw


I haven’t had Strawberry Kush. I grew some Og Kush and enjoyed it. My climate is considered mild. A few frosty nights but generally cool coastal temps.


My ilgm strawberry kush outdoor just went thru 3 40C+ days and absolutely loved it!

still not yet halfway thru summer :wink:


Very nice.


I grow white widow outdoors and it go really well with hot conditions I’m in Australia so our summers are hot


Every time i see that thing i have to laugh its a monster bro can’t wait to see end result


I think that I will try some WW autos this year. I’ve never grown autos before.