What I use first, flower booster or mass booster?


Hi people I’m doubting about how mix nutrient I use when my plants start the flowering period.

I used Grow Booster but now I don’t have idea which use now.





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ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA, fix the wording for your on-line chart to match mailed items?
Add : Mass = THC
Flower = Bud


Sorry my bad English, but I understood that you asked me if I receive on my email all answers from my on line chart. Yes, I receive all answers.
If it is not the question, could you ask me in a different way?



here is a link to instructions for use:


another link that is useful:

I hope this answers your questions.



You have early -middle and later flower stages in flower stage - and each stage requires a different NPK - PM me for more information