What i have been doing during the coronavirse

HIGH everbody
i hope you all are keeping healthley during this time of world wide sickness. we need to keep busy during this time of quaratine. i myself just did a large harvest of 74 plants. so waiting for them to dry.i just yesterday planted 228 seedlings. i know its alot, but in these time of mass people staying home there is much more pot being smoked. so there for the demand is way up. so keep on growing and stay high.


Hey, sounds like a lot of work, reminds me of the old days when I used to run a few grow houses for “motorcycle enthusiasts”, needed a trimming crew for those harvests, now I just grow for myself and friends and family. Take care brother grower.


i am growing and cloning and getting ready for the day i may have to barter for toilet paper. lol.


yeah its forsure alot of work but i enjoy it.

I would have thought there would have been a lot more people on this site this week

this is what I been doing they are 19 days old

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if more people would that the world would be a better place. good job keep up the good work. stay healthy and high😀