What I do to fit hose to this?

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@Bubbelkush Those fittings take a softer rubber hose called (push lock) looks like 3/8 in size.


Interesting. That looks like a RainBird head to me, and they take either 1/4 or 1/2” poly tubes. But I don’t know what brand that is and can’t tell the size. It’s a barbed fitting, that’s for sure.


That is considered a barbed fitting and if you try to force poly tubing on there it will split. A comparison to the tubing would be like a vacuum line on a car.


Thanks that Help me good.

you can buy that tubing at Home depot! You can get it clear or black or white. Its super common

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Iam not in Us and sort of problem to get the thing over sea and if they put a 100$ shipping cost to andorra.

Man am I geographically challenged “sovereign landlocked microstate on the Iberian Peninsula”

No all irrigation supply companies should stock drip line. Its supper common in greenhousing for vegetables. They use miles and miles of it.

You have photo?

in town now, if I can remember Ill take a photo when I get back. Otherwise look up 1/4 drip line on the internet .

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