What have you found in your soil

Just thought I’d see what other little prizes y’all found in your bags of Organic soil. image|375x500

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oh wow that’s crazy I haven’t necessarily ever found anything odd in there but I’ve seen little gnats before and tiny little worms but I got rid of them with adding worm castings. I make my own soil mix and when you addworm castings that helps get rid of gnats. I read up a lot on worm castings in the past and then when I started using it i seen the big difference in results of using it so I always make sure I have a bag of it it’s even got micronutrients, helps stabilize pH. But u wanna add a 3rd or half ratio of perlite to it and it doesn’t burn your plants. People have experimented with growing in straight worm castings. I personally mix over 30 35% into my mixes and 30% ± perlite usually

See this plants taking off with this new mix i recently made. May be my best mix yet. This is the same plant in a 32 hour time span.

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I wonder from what pristine land that organic soil originated?

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I haven’t found anything exciting yet! I have a potting soil that is more of a soil amendment that I screen, bake and add perlite, coffee grounds, eggshells and mosquito bits to now.

I’ve only screened out chunks of wood and pebbles. I bake the soil before use because the 2 year old sack from the shed I think started the fungus gnat invasion.

Think of your plants looking like Pig Pen from the Charlie Brown cartoon series! That’s what I was facing for weeks.

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Be care to continue to add and improvise too often. Worms are good. It all depends on what is actually going on.


They looked like fly larva type worms that were in there that may turn into gnats. Ive bought organic soil several times that was full of gnats but the castings took care of that and i only mix my soils once before starting the plant

That was found in my Roots Original

Makes you wonder what you can’t see.
I am surprised. I thought it had a solid reputation.

I expect to see wood chips or twigs and such.
But a rubber band and looks like a water jug pull tie?
Other than the FOD, foreign object debris
I’m having good success with it


Many years ago I was rototilling a garden plot. It was huge powerful 15hp diesel articulated tiller. Anyway, the strangest thing I dug up was it spit a mole out the back end. I guess it couldn’t run down its tunnel fast enough.

Here’s one on the end of an arrow that got into my daily bed. Fresh tunnels so I flushed him out with a hose hooked up the riding mower. Saw movement in a tunnel and skewered his ass

Good one. Well done

308 brass, string, and coke tops

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Mosquito bits? Please enlighten us more.


Mosquito bits.

I add it proactively to my soil mix after battling fungus gnats on my first grow.

Still have a few buggers flying around so I put a TBSL in my nute water and let them soaked overnight and use those yellow sticky traps.

Both products can be found on Amazon.

Happy grows to you!