What have i done wrong with my plants?

I am super beginner, and i try to read and read about how to grow right.
I have downloaded guides and read all i can find.
But i started with 9 plants and they grow like rockets.
In 6 days they are about 6-7 cm long with small blades in the top with a verry thin stam.
So i have supported the stam other it brakes.
What i can understand i have made something wrong, they grow up to fast and thin.

Its indors in an old sauna, wich i cleaned with clorine before.
I have 45W LED Growlight panels
And they are planted in soil.
I only watered the soil 6 days ago and it drains on a cloth.
The lights is on 18h/day
I got little panic and i dont know what i do wrong.

Thanks for advice

You have to lower the lights .by the look of it it look like they are stretching towards the light. What type of soil are you using?

The soil was bougt in a plant scool for indoor plants and i tryed to ask about it as much i could without telling :slight_smile: the NPK was as rekomended for indor flowers.
I will try to lower lights direct.

you can transplant the seedlings and burry the stem deeper

There’s definitely big light-stretch and a couple of those look like maybe a little too wet…

Move light as close as you can without burning them, right over top of them and keep their roots more dry

Looks like the LED light panals you have are the cheap ones from ebay they arnt very good you really should hav atlest 150 wats. It look like the seedling are looking for light

just a thought , can you paint the walls white or use mylar itll do a lot to help stretch your liting…good growing … H

Get some straws that match their height, slice the straw from end to end and gently place the stems inside the straw. Bury the bottom straw just deep enough to support the plant. I Did this with a couple that had pinched stems and could no longer stay upright.

Thank you everybody.
I will try all your sollutions.
Unfortunatly i can not afford better light right now, so i try white walls and closer.