What have I done to my baby?

My very first grow; total newbie. White widow auto; day 47; I thought everything looked good, tiny but budding nicely, and then yesterday afternoon her fan leaves all looked horrible and turning brown(1st pic). Really bad looking today(2nd pic). I keep them outside during the day and inside under LED most of night, Fox Farm soil and nutrients. Any idea what I’ve done to offend her so? It’s been really hot these last 2 days but it’s probably more than that. My ignorance!


When it’s hot, the plant takes up more liquid. If that liquid is full of nutrients then it’s entirely possible (and likely IMO) that you have nutrient burn. If you aren’t PH’ing your water and nutrients with a calibrated digital PH meter then you need to do so as soon as possible.

Just give your plant PH’d water when it’s really hot.

Have you flushed the plant yet? FF recommends flushing at every change in schedule.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I flushed her yesterday when I saw how bad she looked. Have recently started pHing water but wasn’t at first. I have a few more WW coming along a couple of weeks behind this one. Hopefully I can do a better job with them. I was under the impression that the FF flushes were more for growing in coco, but since I wasn’t pHing before, they could all probably use a little flush before I give them more nutrients at the right pH.

@Snoop_Bill @Myfriendis410 is on point as usual lol
Ff nutrients tends to build up salts if used as directed and that why they recommend flushing every 3-4 weeks
I think you had a combination of things happening between the ph and heat
Adjust the ph of run off to 6.5 in soil
Also when im growing outdoors if theres a heat wave I’ll actually shad my plants midday just make sure they get 8 hours direct sun during the day
Early morning late afternoon something like that
Keeping soil moist is also good but as mentioned if its full on nutrients and the plants takes up more water youll burn your plants


Thanks, John! Appreciate the kind words…


@Myfriendis410 Well deserved words brother i see your posts and i don’t need to jump in if your on it lol
Just wanted to acknowledge it brother