What has happened with this one?

I’ve already shared this problem in a different subject but I didn’t have any pics like this one. White Widow Auto has been growing for 5 months now but the other two finished a month ago!! This plant is Covered with Unformed buds. I’ve never seen anything like this!

I’m not what the problem is but one of my outside bag seeds did the same thing . Mine had well developed buds on it and when I came to water everything looked just like this . She grew almost 5 feet tall with those deformed buds and branches .

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What did you do with it? I have two more growing beside her and they’re looking "Normal"But I don’t want them catching anything from her! I’ve cut several of her branches in hopes it’ll start growing right But so far she hasn’t. I don’t know what to do with her!

Might be one of those situations where an unwanted ruderalis trait gets through. They use rudys to create autos. Where the seeds come from?


Agree with silverback, just looks like you got a bad phenotype with dominant ruderalis genes.

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I got them from Here!

So What do I do with her??? Pull her up???

What do I do with her?? Pull her up?? I got all my seeds from Here

It’s your call but I wouldn’t be wasting anymore resources on her.

Should be good for edibles at least :+1:

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I don’t know how to do that. I cut her down and dried every thing. I noticed that my fingers and scissors became sticky so I’m guessing some of it might be smokeable. thanks