What has happened here?

Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. Love the show! I’m in need of some help diagnosing the issues I’m seeing on my 2 girls.

  • What strain: Green Crack clones
  • Method: Coco & perlite. Canna Coco nutes
  • Vessels: 5 gal fabric pots
  • PH of Water, Solution runoff: 6.2-6.3
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient: 5.6-5.8
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor- 2.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 tent
  • Light system: Spider farmer SF 1000 (100W)
  • Temps; Day, Night: about 70 day, 62 night
  • Humidity; Day, Night: about 50 day, 60 night
  • Ventilation system: 4" fan & filter, passive intake
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No
  • Co2: No

So this is my 2nd indoor grow (+ 2 previous outside). I’ve been using the same coco and nutes for every grow. This is the first time I’ve had any problems.
The temps are colder than I’d like, but it’s freezing down here in Oz.
I’ve had a few bugs (pictured) that I’ve treated with spinosad, but other than that It’s been smooth sailing until about a week ago.
All of a sudden one of the girls started having leaf issues (pictured) with discolouration & clawing. The 2nd one is now starting to show some early signs of the same issue.
I’m not supplementing cal-mag but have never needed it before.
They’re still growing well, no pests to be seen, but not looking real pretty… Any ideas?

Sorry for the novel, but I appreciate any help you can give me

I can’t edit my post above.
I stuffed up on a couple of answers … it should read

  • PH of Water, Solution runoff: 5.6-5.8 in, 6.2-6.3 out
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient: 650ish in, 800ish out

Tobacco mosaic virus? @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410

Not TMV but looks kinda like calcium.


@DeeDub Like @Myfriendis410 said. Was my first thought when i looked at the 2nd pic.

Don’t know? Let’s throw it out to our listeners. 10th caller gets some free seeds?


It looks to me like your having a calcium and phosphorus deficiency . Not enough calcium will lock out you phosphorus. Your numbers look to be good . When all else fails . Flush and start over. That’s the beauty of coco. Treat your flush water with cal/mag so your not flushing what the coco has already grabbed onto .

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All good advice.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I thought that might be it but I’ve not needed it before. Maybe they’re just hungrier for it than my previous girls.
I’ll get some cal mag today and report back soon.


I think it to be cal/mag issue.
You said you haven’t needed it through veg, but the plants really start sucking it up once they start flowering. Which is why you are now seeing the deficiencies. My thoughts, good luck

Thanks again @Watt-Sun @Deepsix @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410
Looks like a bit of calmag did the trick!
Flipped them 3 days ago and I’m now worried about lack of real estate…I’m not surprised, I was only going to keep one in there but then I got greedy.
I’ll have to work something out soon though

Here’s the last day of 18/6 and 3 days later. They’ve grown 3" in height too


Sorry, reverse order

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Glad you got it sorted out :v:

Looking good and healthy