What happens when you change from paranoia to a normal garden?

You can grow it. Nobody cares…

(this could be a deep societal introspective)

It will also be a long time line at first. Not everyone can grow so thieves will abound

What happens when pot becomes legal

PLEASE share your real life experiences

YESTERDAY you could not have it
TODAY you can…

Growing marijuana is legal in my state. So, it feels weird at first. Gradually the paranoia disappears.

A lot of people tried growing grass when the law changed. Many gave up after a grow, some after two, some stuck with it.

There’s still a demand for it, but street prices have dropped dramatically and people seem more aware of what they’re buying.

So far it’s been a good thing.


I remember prime columbian 3 finger ounces at $35 each in the seventies -

a thing I saw is that as more states get with the program the price of pot is FALLING

If you can get it at the corner store, or grow it at home, its the same as tomatoes

AND THAT is the way it should be


Some people REBEL at the whole wide world

I only fight the battles I can win


I live in Illinois and cannabis was legalized here.
But, only medical marijuana cardholders can grow legally. The Illinois government let’s you smoke and possess up to an oz, but we’re going to have to buy it from a licensed dispensary. So if we don’t buy it from the state we can’t have it.
I will make the hr and a half trip to Michigan and pay their taxes. F-CK Illinois

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Dam that’s a good question, i like the paranoia it causes, free buzz, im in an illegal state, makes me fell like an outlaw,haha it sure would be nice to grow freely tho, no kidding around


I’m in a recreational legal state and it has been that way for quite a few years. I can grow up to 12 plants in my home and posses up to 10oz ( in the Home) but I still feel the need to hide the fact that I grow. The stigma is still very strong even years after legalization.


I’m worried about the particulars.

CA is legal, but each county has different stipulations.

Also, what happens when the smell is too much for the neighbors? Public nuisance call?

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I’m with you brother sure would be nice I am also in one of the unfriendly States. I really believe it’s just a matter of time.

Hopefully maybe one day we wont have to use avatars, and will be able to swap buds and seeds, whoo yoo

It will be the next generation that does not have a “fear of police and the judicial system” that has ruined so many decent American Citizens lives.
Families broken, careers trashed, and so many CONVICTED FELONS .
And the many lost homes, property, cars, and bank accounts confiscated.
When Reagan gave police 80% of value of busted drugs, confiscated money, and property confiscated…the police have become pirates.

Used to think police and firemen were good guys…now, just the firemen are trustworthy. :unamused:.

Yeah, Reagan era was sad. Nancy and her red dress saying no to drugs was probably popping more pills than Courtney Love.

When I see those old videos we grew up watching if military clad men and helicopters raiding farmers in nor cal, its just sad.

Sadly the Professional Parasitic Politicians have profited and continue to do so.
The GESTAPO SWAT TEAMS and the helicopters are STILL doing their dirty work.

For God’s sake…it’s a plant. Just a plant, given to us by God :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Still illegal here in Australia, but it’s not the law I worry about , it’s the low life that jumps the back fence of a night , I’m very paranoid about losing my crops, so I sleep outside with my plants and dog.