What happens if you give too many hours of light like 20

I am using one 600 W galaxy Hydro 2 CFL 2100 lm LED’s and the area is 2 x 6 x 48 tall using Cal mag formula 13-2-13 6% calcium 3% magnesium water soluble fertilizer ,medium is 50% perlite 50% vermiculite hand watering and misting leave started to yellow tip started to yellow on tops like magnesium or zinc deficiency pH OK please help !most of these are auto white widow three weeks old started flowering third week is that good or bad

I uploaded photos it said 100% complete and saved but I they are not there

Hey @Jjman Support Ticket would help. Could be a very wide variety of issues. If your PH is in range then I would look at how much you are feeding them.

Ok I will try to submit a ticket,but what about the 20 hours of light, they’re white widow auto about , 31/2 weeks old and already biding,5inches tall 5inches round,should i cut the light back? Thanks for all your help

This is the support ticket and try and upload some pics again.
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20 hours of light is fine for autos. I personally do 24 hours of light until I see buds begin to form, then I switch to 18hrs on/6hrs off.

IMO it may be the medium you’re using. I personally have never heard of anyone using 50% perlite…BUT, I could be wrong about that so don’t quote me.

Good Luck Mate

Cheers :beer: