What happens if a plant goes to long in flowering?

Do they pollinate and what happens if the pistils go to dark\far😺

If your bud severely over-ripens, you’ll end up with higher levels of CBN & lower levels of THC & CBD.

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Thank you happy growing

Mines started to get wet lookin like soggy. Lost its good smell and bright colors to dark greener no too smellin good buds

@irma1010 to prepare for the end of flowering, pick up a jewelry loop and take a look over this harvest guide. It explains how to catch the ripening plant at the right time for harvest.




Eventually the trichomes turn black and pop. Then you cry cause you missed out! And with a saddened heart, you plant more; determined not to ever let that happen again, cause you were just too busy for Mary Jane!


Anyone have any idea why only 3 of 7 feminized autoflowering plants have buds? The other 4 look healthy, but no flowers.

If they’re autos, they’ll flower, just give them time.

Thanks for responding.

These plants are 4 months old. Do you still think they’ll flower?

If they’re autos, then they should flower on their own, but sometimes they need a little help. You should try putting them under 12/12 lighting, that should give them the jump start they need.

I’ve tried the 12/12 lighting before, with no results. Maybe I’ll try again.

Thanks again.

Try again, and keep it at 12/12.

Are they go black in the end? But when I overdo nutes can they go black too?