What happened to these?

These 2 plants were doing just fine (unknown random seeds)
I keep them outside during the day but put them inside under lights to keep 18-6
No special attention or feed. I do know my ph is good though. My light timer screwed up the other night and ran all night ( possibly 2 nights)
I noticed yellow leaves yesterday, clipped them off, but woke up to this and I know my lights turned off. No soil changes either.
Any ideas?

Third pic was just a few days ago (2 front plants)


This might be your issue
What medium are you in?
What nutrients are you using?
How much nutrients are you using?
What is your ppm going in medium?
What are you ppm numbers coming out?
What is your ph in?
What is your ph out?


They need food. Soil is depleted.


Are you just using a generic potting soil (the bag in the background)?

I’d say yellowing on the lower leaves is N deficiency. Also what size pots? The look pretty young and probably need a bigger container as well.


Generic, haven’t got my hands on any good soil. The pots are needing an upgrade. Odd thing is that all 6 were planted the same time, same soil, same everything, but these 2 have always been runts.the other 4 seem to be doing rather well. Different strain I imagine.


Needs nitrogen. Need a pH meter, quality water source, cannabis nutrients, ppm meter. To grow in that medium.

Soils made for cannabis like foxfarms have dolomite, oyster shells, myco, mulch (aged forest products) all intended to keep you in the proper pH range. Adding more myco and rhizos definitely doesn’t hurt. Especially in soils like these. My recommendation.

Anything with these words means it’s cannabis friendly.

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Thanks. Obviously I am new to this. I don’t understand why the other 4 plants seem fine though, all the same treatment.
I do have a quality ph kit for my pool that shows my well water at around 6.4 I think.
I bought a soil test kit that I haven’t tried yet.
Is on line the only options for that soil?


No. Check local nursery or Walmart. Hydro shop. Black gold is another good one wally world usually carries. Good organic soil. 6.4 is a fine number in soil. Too check soil pH take 1 part distilled water and mix with 1 part soil. Let sit for 24h. Test. Distilled/reverse osmosis, 0ppm water automatically takes on the pH of the medium.

Is the one walmart usually carries. For a good bit cheaper than Amazon. This soil doesn’t have all the stuff happy frog does. If you want a hotter soil, ocean forest.

Black golf same as yours probably. Will need nutrients. Some lowes, home depots, stores of the like occasionally carry fox farms soils and nutrients or general Hydroponics. Which are good nutrient systems. $20 on ebay would get you enough jacks for a few grows. 25lb bags for a couple decades. Which I went the couples decades worth for like $200 something


I would think its a lack of nutes also. Other than that the plant a
Struture and growth looka good.

Maybe transplant ‘all’ to larger containers. With some fresh soil. In your case I think the black gold would be great. We have used it in the past and it dose get the job done.

Happy growing…


It sure does. It’s what I’m gonna mix with my reused happy frog for mother plants/potential mother plants out of next rounders. Since I’m growing plants I intend to flower in coco from now on. And when I clone I use soil. Black gold is a good one for cloning with only honey tea. Anti antibacterial and basically free. Bacteria and lack of moisture is what usually stops a clone. But one breeds the other. Honey fixes that issue.


I’m going to look for black gold today, and a few bigger pots! Thanks yall, and they seem to look alot better today


Bigger pots and better soil. Hoffman. Not the best but better then what they had I’m assuming. They seem a little happier