What happened to my buds!

Alright so here’s a first for me lol I don’t know what the heck happened to my buds! I always have good turn out for flavor and aroma. …so anyways I grew some northern lights autoflower and everything was great ,didn’t to anything different then I normally do, hung the branches for 4 days and they were nice an crispy on the outside so I trimmed them up , smoked a bunch of doobs which were great with a nice potent high! Theeeen I put my buds in jars then stashed them where I normally do , got home from work then popped the lids and wow it was like a warm nasty pugent smell so I felt them and the nugs were damp again lol so weird because the buds weren’t wet on the inside last night when I was cutting and burning doobs. …so mad hope I can save it , buds sitting out of jar now


They were to wet before they went into the jar. My trimmed wet buds sit in a net for 5 or 10 days before going in the jar especially if you grew dense buds they hold more moisture in the middle of them. And burp for 30 minutes or more 2 times a day for 2 weeks then once a day.
Im going to guess you grew some good dense buds also if you trim before you hang it will have less moisture to dry out it a preference and every one likes what they like i have had the same problems


That’s no problem. Lay them out on paper plates with a small fan on low blowing on the buds. Wait until they are dry again. Jar back up and burp a couple two three times a day. If the buds get wet again repeat process until they are where you want them.


Ammonia smell? Same issue. lost entire gold leaf harvest to mold. Trying paper bag method for my,latest AH NL harvest. Working out much better.


There was probably a lot of moisture in the stems still. I hang plant for 1-2 weeks depending on temps, if the stem just breaks but doesn’t separate easily i start manicuring. I store all trimmed bud in a 10 or 20L food grade bucket & tip out on cardboard twice a day for an hour or so for about a week.


These Boveda packs can be your best friend :grin: They will keep you humidity at 62% I should buy stock in them for the amount I have been buying. I just drop one pack in a quart jar and am good. I do still have to burp the jars. It is worth looking into if you haven’t all ready.


Yes that is exactly what happened! The buds must have still had moisture in them the little bastards! I laid the buds out and they now have there smell back lol yes they are dense nugs so I’m definitely going to start letting them sit out for the 5 to 10 days before jarring. …that’s crazy first time it’s ever happened to me and I’ve been doing this for awhile haha


I think it’s actually pretty normal for moisture trapped within buds to equalize. If you wait to jar them until there’s no moisture at all they’re too dry. You definitely don’t want that either.

There are some small hygrometers available on Amazon. If you grab a few they fit into jars pretty well.


just my 2 cents of experience for my environment… hope it helps someone out… i let mine hang about 5 days or so and when they get that crispy texture i transfer into brown paper bags and let hang a few more days… the smell usually changes for me alot while in the bags…check them periodically and put into jars when the stems snap when flexing… check and burp jars as needed but be careful not to overdo the burping…

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