What happened to my blueberry plant

Are you just generally concerned, or is there something that makes you especially concerned this plant is going to show male flowers?

I don’t see anything to be concerned about, but you have a better view of the plant than I do.

The plant looks healthy, and hopefully it didn’t get seeded by the earlier plant.

Just being cautious. The buds are getting big and getting a lot of new pistils. Thought they looked similar to the other before it turned.

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Again, a few seeds aren’t the end of the world.

I should revise my comments from weeks ago. If I ended up with seeds out of a selfed autoflower, that would interest me personally, but that’s something most people would want to avoid.

Here is the plant again at almost 10 weeks. I’m concerned as I have not seen them change and get large groups of pistils this late in the process. I have moved a few newer plants outside and I want to make sure that it isn’t going to pollinate the new buds.

The first blueberry auto from the post gave good smoke but I haven’t been able to find any seeds. I was thinking that maybe the seeds didn’t have time to mature before we harvested it. If I do come across any I will make sure to save you a couple @KeystoneCops


I’m having similar issues with the bb auto. Planted 10 outside and one appears to be male so I removed. Was it a male or did it go hermaphrodite?

Interesting @DonnieHo. And Welcome to the community. I am no expert. I am curious to know about this as well. When I zoom in, I see pistils coming out of the sacks. Maybe it is some strange genetics on this one? Pollen sacks, as far as I have learned, will not have pistils growing from them. You do have something going on. I guess better safe than sorry.

Do your other plants look “normal?”

I can see a couple sacks but not like this one. It is outside so I thought it may have crossed but Idk

I don’t see a single male flower on that plant. Why did you pull it? Can you circle an example of what you think is a male flower? My survey was casual.