What happened to my blueberry plant

Blueberry auto about 9 weeks old. Started indoors but moved outside at about 4 weeks. Flowers looked normal but have changed in the last week. Did it hermie?

@fasthdgirl welcome to the community. Looks like a male let me tag someone @SKORPION @PurpNGold74


It a boy, sorry man


Unfortunately that’s male. The only thing I can say is there’s a bunch of seeds. It says to welcome you to the forum , but not the welcome you were looking for.


It looked female a week ago and had some nice buds. Is it useable? Where do I go from here? I have never had this happen before. Hate to see a wasted plant!

@KeystoneCops this kinda goes along with the other topic we were discussing , input?

Are you sure it is a auto and not a photo. Where did you get the seeds from. Here is a pic of my Blueberry i just harvested.98364856_609666239632959_3982775439037825024_n She is about 8 weeks in this pic

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It was a blueberry auto seed from ILGM

I observe a few things:

There are pistilate(female) and staminate(male) flowers
It appears to be seeded
It’s outside
You believe it’s an autoflower

If my observations are correct, they could indicate a number of things. Some people have already mentioned them:

  1. It could have produced male flowers due to stress
  2. It could have produced male flowers because of genetic predisposition
  3. I could be wrong about the male flowers, and it could have been seeded by a neighbor’s male plant
  4. It might not have been an autoflower (see point 1)

You can still use the flower. It won’t hurt you. Just take the seeds out before grinding. Welcome to my youth.


How large was the container?

Did you start it inside under an artificial light, and if so, what was the light cycle?

It is a 5 gallon pot. Started inside with light about 18 hours on. Should I harvest now or let it go longer and try to get seeds?


I’d harvest the seeds and see what they do, but not at the risk of a separate seedless crop.

I would not pull the plant now, unless you have other female plants growing.

I am a novice at this. I have grown a few autos over the last year but I am just planting and letting them grow with the addition of House and Garden nutes. Just harvested another blueberry auto and got about 3 mason jars worth of bud. Not sure if that is good or low.

Should I let it go another 2-3 weeks then? That is when I would usually harvest. Can I still enjoy it once the seeds are out?

Harvest is a matter of trichome maturity for me. As far as still using the flower, like I said before, go ahead. In fact, the breeder who originated that cultivar claims that some seeded herb is superior to unseeded.

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That’s good numbers the Blueberry auto i just harvested i got about 4oz.


I’d bring this to the attention of @ILGM.Stacy since it seems like you got a dud seed. This is par for the course with agriculture, but ILGM will stand behind their product.


Good catch seeing the pistols also I missed it. Changes things for sure :slight_smile:

Here is another blueberry auto from the same batch as the previous one. This plant is about 8 weeks. I am worried this might be going the same way as the last, opinions?

I just posted pics of another plant from the same group of seeds, what do you think?