What happened to cause this

Hello just finished my grow this strain is called alien og first time growing from seed the other 2 strains came out perfect please if possible identify what happen


I honestly think I should be the one to test it… lol

Nice looking bud. Looks good to me. What do you think is wrong with it? :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Umm. what do you think happened? I think it looks fine. :thinking:


It looks to me like “excellent growing skills” is what happened.
Nice buds, what has you concerned?


Get yourself a Cannabrush and brush out the hairs. It will clean up real nice. Seriously it is a great dry trim tool.


@beardless ive looked at those but am concerned it would remove all the trics at the same time , what am i missing???

I wasnt sure if it started to re veg or something smells great just doesn’t look like all the others ive grown


I actually started using some old hair clippers to trim seems to be doin good job


So other then alot if the leafs died back it looks good to me.
Cut the brown leafs away and it will look alot better I believe

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Wait a minute :flushed:
You saying the brushes remove the hairs? :exploding_head:
If this is true I may just have to change my opinion on them…

When the bud is dried to the point I like, I’m often using the scissors in sort of a brushing fashion. They do get coated in resin, I like to swap them out every bud or 2.

I think I do want one of those in my toolkit.

Mate that bud is great if ur talking about the dead leaves thats normal nothing to worried specially if you have harvested the plant

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A brush does make a pretty bud. It does knock off trics and pistil hairs but so does scissors. I’d clip all the dead leaf off now to avoid any of them getting moldy or mildewy and causing a rot issue. Nice job tho seriously.


I use a silicone BBQ brush cut to size to save cost. I’ll post a few pics. The brushed trichomes and hairs go through the trim bin and turned into rosin. Use dry ice for the sugar leaves


Ive got a bbq brush i cut just like that and did a few nugs and was like, the hell with this and got my trimmers back out.
But I never thought about it pulling alot of the hairs out, :confused: I will be giving it another go next harvest though :grin:

Looks like u should check the trichs hope for 50 50 cloudy and Amber,trim chop and hang her out to dry