What happened? I got a male? Gotta Kill It!

Went down to the tent to check on the girls… Turns out one of the girls is a boy!!!

The seed came from ILGM, White Widow Auto. I thought this one was weird from the start. It grow taller faster, close to 3 feet, skinny as hell. the other 2 are getting to the 2 foot mark and extremely bushy. Since I bought Fem seeds how the hell did I get a male? Granted I haven’t grown it 40 years but I think I remember what a male pot plant looks like.

Looks like more of a hermie than a full on male.


Definitely hermie


@HearBob, hey Bob, that one is Definitely a hermie . . . . . so sorry.


I agree, you can clearly see pistils and nanners there. That’s a hermaphrodite not a male.


Thanks guys

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Still gotta chop shim down!

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Shim came down yesterday. Too bad it is a waste. Can shim be used for anything other than compost?

Got trichs? U could possibly budder her. But itll be very immature and minimally potent.

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If your in a legal state and growing inside then just stick shim outside next time and continue to let shim grow.

The buds will still get fat and juicy, it’ll just have seeds, and sometimes if your lucky it won’t even be a massive amount of seeds.

Anyways, if the plant can live without pollinating other plants then it will still give you a good product if you let her finish growing…at least a better product than no product at all


@HearBob, that is exactly true what @TDubWilly just stated. You can get some really good product if you let the plant grow full term. Just keep it isolated somewhere away from all the others, and you should be good.