What happened here

Hi everyone - so I planted 4 and these 2 made it but look at the difference . The one is doing great but the second one is like a dwarf and the leaves are different. One was gelato auto flower and the other was gold leaf auto flower . Should I let the small one keep growing it’s completely different even the leaves . Help thank you

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You just never know what an autoflower will do.
There is good reason to let it grow. They will sometimes keep getting larger and surprise you.
Even if it stays small you will get something from it and it might even be a nice treat with its effects.
Since its an autoflower you could go ahead and start another if you find you have room for it because you don’t have to worry about a changing light schedule. I never pull plants. Its all good experience.

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I can’t help but to see a reveg going down when looking at the second plant, but can’t wrap my head around why an auto would look like this.
The strains are different, so I expected maybe a little variation in looks. In my opinion, both plants are fairly small to be flowering. The second plant may not be worth the work needed to get her to the finish line.

I had to auto flowering plants that started flowering when they’re about three weeks old foot half tall
I just put them in too early to try and beat the summer

3 weeks is not uncommon. I prefer 4 or 5 on an auto but I have seen them grow a lot even though pistils showed up early. Yes theres a chance it stays small, but killing it guarantees it produces nothing. I
I let them go. I won the Bud of the month off a purple haze that was a runt.

Nice right. Got me a pack of free Blue Dream seeds and a really nice smoke.
Here was the actual whole plant,

Yes I could have pulled it up when I saw it was gonna be a runt. But it is still giving to me even now.
You just never know for sure.