What happened here they don't look good

They were fine a few days ago now a bunch are all droopy soils not dry it did get like 86 in the tent for around 5 hours while I was at work. The added heat from the heater on my harvested buds raised it too high are they just experiencing heat stress from that? I hope they didn’t just die on me I just started bloom.

Looks like drowning. To much water.

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Damn I was hoping it was heat related doesn’t drowning basically mean they are done for. I didn’t even think I had watered them that much but I could have gotten carried away. Could humidity being too high cause this as well I had a dehumidifier in there but I hadn’t ran it that day.

No, humidity wouldn’t have don’t that.

You need to make sure the soil goes dry between waterings. Stick your finger into the
soil up to the second knuckle. If it’s moist or notably damp, wait one more day. If your finger is cool and dry to the touch. it’s time for a drink.

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Could it also have been a lack of water causing this I might have actually forgotten to water them for a day too long. It also had temps around 87 for hours since i had my heater on to dry the harvested buds all night forgetting the timer. I can only assume the way too high temps had dried them out faster than usual one has looked like this before because I forgot to water her. I had put my finger in and the ones that look fine felt damp and cool still the ones that I pictured were not feeling the moist.

It was definitely me not watering them and them being wilted from heat/no water. I watered them because I felt the soil and it was dry they are all not even two hours later already perked back up. I’ll have to not get so stoned when I’m watering them so I don’t forget how much I watered them last lol.

Pick up the pot and see if she feels light or water soaked some. If it feels light soak her down and keep heat off of her. They will pick back up. If dry soak them down til u get a few drip from bottom of pots. When pot is soaked pick it up so u know the wet weight and then dry weight. Shoving ur fingers in the dirt harms roots. Get to know the weight check so ur not harming roots.


What is your grow medium? If you’re in soil, make sure to maintain wet dry cycles. If it’s soilless like coco, then you want to keep it moist and would water/feed much more often. 86-87f isn’t super hot and the top of your pots looks powdery dry. I’d bet they’re under watered. Just my .02cents.


suggest you let them recover, then move to larger containers.

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What do you mean wet dry cycles I normally don’t have to water them more than every two days. I use to test it with my finger at the edge of the pot so I wouldn’t hit any roots. I’m going to do it by weight from now on since it was suggested above and makes sense. I want to go to 5 gallon mesh pots and watering from the bottom waiting in my mesh pots , and I’m not entirely sure how to set up an effective water from the bottom system. I was thinking a sled or plastic trough or single containers to sit each pot in directly on top of it. Anyone who would have any photos or graphs or anything would be greatly appreciated. I use fox farms soil I forgot to mention that part I want to change to hydroponics within this year hopefully that stimulus money comes again lol.

I need to get my bigger pots still I have potato sacks I put two in because I ran out of pots but those are like way too big at least 8 in gallon pretty sure they are 10. I definitely want to get them out of the 3.5 gallons they are currently in its drastically lowering my yields.

Wet dry cycles apply to soil only. So if you’re in a peat based medium you should water enough to moisten the entire pot of soil then water/feed when it’s nearly completely dry.

If you’re in coco or coco mixed with perlite then you could water/feed every day if the coco isn’t completely saturated. Coco needs to stay a little moist between water/feedings.

I have never done bottom feeding so I won’t speak on that. @Nicky uses auto pots that I believe are an advanced bottom feeding system. Maybe he can give you some insight on that.

Good info by Jake here, nice work @Jake3 :ok_hand:

I would suggest autopots.

You can bottom feed but it still has to go through a bit of a soaked and non soaked feed, also ensure the plants are grown into the pot before bottom feeding.
You could do a drain to waste system as well.

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What are auto pots? I think I’ll just top feed and only bottom feed when it’s nute water time so they definitely soak it all up. I might top feed until I know the roots have spread to the bottom region then mostly bottom feed. Only watering from the top like bi weekly to help with salt buildup.

Google it or better yet use our search bar.

Ok I just looked up the previous posts some of which you replied to. Sounds like an awful lot of work and money to set this up. Wouldn’t it be a waste of money and time if intended to change to a hydroponics system within the year?

It’s not alot of money, the systems are pretty affordable and once you use it you’ll love it. It’s a like half hydro. It will pay for its self in one grow, how?
Labour and yeild.

The time savings will make you questions growing any other way.
And even if you do go to hydro then put fruits or veggies in the pots and grow food! Your girlfriend wife whatever will love em to.
Infact I’m growing tomatoes this year in some.