What grow light is the best

Just asking for everyone’s opinion what grow light that is on the market today do y’all think is the best.
Mainly leds but if you don’t think leds is the way to go then which one do you think is the best also I’m growing in a 4x4x80" tent

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Anything built with genuine, top bin Samsung LM301h diodes.

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Is that what you use and what do you mean top bin

What’s the difference between lm301h and lm301b

Yes. I run HLG lighting.

Electronics manufacturers put their products in bins according to their test performance during the production process. Higher performing products go in the top bin. They sell the “top bin” products to discriminating LED panel manufacturers who only want the highest performing diodes in their products. The best panel manufacturers include HLG, Gravita, and Fluence. Lower quality diodes make their way to mass-market products that are sold on Amazon, for instance.

The LM301h diodes are a more efficient version and therefore output more light per unit of electricity. LM301h diodes output 3.10 µmol/J while the LM301b version only puts out 2.75 µmol/J. The LM301h diodes are therefore 12% more efficient and use less electricity for the same amount of light output.

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Thanks man you’ve been really helpful

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I’ve had my eye on this one for a while just haven’t had the money. Amazon does have this exact same one light for like$700 instead of$850 would that be one of those top bin differences? Would i be better off spending the extra$150

Hard to say. If the Amazon seller is HLG you shouldn’t have any problems. They may just be trying to move product. HLG almost always has discount codes for purchases from the HLG website, so there may be no real difference in price. I’m not sure what the currently used HLG discount codes are. I haven’t seen any discount codes mentioned recently.

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Here it is on Amazon

It’s not all about having the best brand LEDs, the number of LEDs per watt can mean a better light for the price. Driving more LEDs with fewer watts lends itself to better longevity and overall performance.

There is also design and LED distribution to be considered and the latest bar type designs are superior.

Took me a while to find it but this is the seller on Amazon 3rd party seller. Ever heard of them?

I don’t know that I would buy from a 3rd party seller. The reviews of Growers House on Yelp and elsewhere aren’t favorable.

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@Krayzie30 I got a refurbished hlg 650r for my 4x4 a month ago it’s a great light check there refurbished they have some good deals there


Bang for buck this light wins…

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Welcome to the community , you will not go wrong spending your money on HLG lights.

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Budget wise

Yeah the reviews i read wasn’t good either

Yeah i was looking at those.

What kind of light was you using before the 650r

Had two mars hydro TSL2000