What going on now



First off, give us a run down on how you grow. Medium, soil , nutrients, lights, light height etc… Then we’ll see if someone here can help. You’ll be in good hands here


I’m using organic all-purpose garden soil I’m using a 1200 Watt King plus LED and a 500 watt LED I have a CO2 generator and a humidifier and is at 50 there on day 33 of flowering and I feed and then water every 4 days I have my plants in 5 gallon buckets with a whole bunch of holes in the bottom


Looks like you may need to start watering a little more. They look underwatered imo.


Today is watering day what would you do every other day this is my first grow


I was watering every 3 days, but now that my plants are a couple weeks in to flower I do so every other day, You are in bigger pots than I am but They may drink more than mine. I would water them and see if they perk up in a few hours. If that’s the case then start with maybe a 3 day watering schedule. If by the 3rd day you see them drooping again, You can try every other day and see if that helps.


But they definitely look like they are thirsty. I would be willing to bet a couple hours after you water them they will perk right up.


ok just water they I will let you all know ty


Pick up your pot when it is ready to water, remember how light it is. Now, just pick up your pot, if it feels light, water. If it’s still heavy, don’t. Or stick your finger in the dirt, if it feels dry a couple inches down, water but, looks like it could be something else also. What ph do you water with and what’s the ph of the run off?


@hornhead I noticed that if you have a fat root mass, You cant use that method as effectively as getting a good watering schedule down. The plants I have currently are in 2 gal pots and as soon as I put my finger in to check the dirt, I cant stick my finger more than 1/4 inch before being stopped by a massive root complex. Definitely could have transplanted but its a little late now. I definitely did use that method at first and it worked extremely well for me. So I do like to do it. I just cant utilize it at this point.


Looks like PH fluctuation


how much water are you giving them?


I water then and all back to happy little girls not going to happen again


Figured that was the problem. My girls looked like that one day right before I was suppose to water them, they looked like they were straight up dying and I was freaking out… Watered them and after a couple hours they sprung up. I just started watering a day sooner than I usually did and they were happy as can be. Probably down the line you might have to cut another day off you’re watering, but I would just play it by eye to see.