What fresh hell is this?

Grow some pot, they said. It’ll be relaxing, they said. It’s a weed, how hard can it be?

Left my girls alone for three days (busy with work, they weren’t due for water till this evening), returned to find this:

What is that fluffy white stuff? Looks like white cotton candy. I suspect fungus or moss or something, no fan or rainwater to wash away stuff on leaves (I water down right above the dirt). One plant untouched, the other has it on four of eight cola/stems. Ideas?

Spider mites

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Looks like mold. Quite possibly a total loss. Check the one that doesn’t seem to be affected real well and separate it from the others. How much of the affected plants is covered?

About ten percent. Second plant unaffected. No airflow though, I have the tent locked up tight against nighttime light. Should I have a fan?

More urgently, I sprayed one of them this morning with Captain Jacks Bug Off, which should do it if spider mites. (I’ll report back tomorrow) The volume of it seems to me to be more likely mold. The environment is particularly arid though, as I realized I was overwatering and have cut back a lot.

Sprays computer with Eagle 20


Most likely getting humidity spikes during lights out. Definitely want air exchange in the tent and at least a gentle breeze worth of air movement. If it’s spider mites and they’re already bad enough to do that, you’re in for a serious fight, but it really looks like mold to me. You may end up having to cut the affected part out. Peroxide and water solution can help to kill mold and fungus. You can also get fungicides, but I don’t know if they’re safe during flower.

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Damn. Good theorizing though. I did recently put a thermometer hygrometer thing in, just have to learn to read it (I think it keeps 24 hours data). So should I be getting one of those air filter things, or just a fan in side the tent?

i cant give this a like. its more of an OH CRAP!


Amazing what a difference 3 days makes.

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Both. You need an inline fan for air exchange and a fan inside the tent for air movement.


Got it. Heading out for the little fan now, and ordering the ventilation system forthwith. (and leaving the side of the tent open halfway during daylight hours for ventilation now…)


Oscillating fans are awesome for inner room circulation

Set it up just in time for the girls to go to sleep. Trimmed off all the mold I could find, added a dash of hydrogen peroxide to tonight’s refreshments, and crossing my fingers. Sorry, neglected to snap pics, will do so and post tomorrow. It’s a drag, but I think I might have gotten to it in time, and it only afflicted the old damaged bud sites (from my 24 hours of light thing when I erroneously thought they were auto flowers and threw them back into veg). Might be ok, thanks again for the advice, all…

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