What first time seeds should I go with?


This is the tent set up I’m going with, it looks like auto flower will be best choice. Any other recommendations before I dive in?

Thank you!


For starters, that light will most likely be a HUGE waste of money. So before diving in and getting let down with a low yield due to bad lighting hop over to the below topic and chat with @dbrn32 @Aolelon and all other lighting peeps. Save yourself the headache now :smiley: Happy growing

Let's talk DIY lights


You’ll most likely end up replacing lights, and the tent size is one that a lot of people end up finding pretty small. Even going up to a 36”x36” is a lot more versatile.


I have a tent package just like that except it came with a slightly different light. @FNG101v2 is right, that light will underperform for you. I upgraded to 2 Marshydro 600s and they do well in that size tent. By no means are they the best but for the space, my skill level, and the price, they are serving me well.

As far as strains go. I can only share my experience. My first grow was Northern Lights and this grow is Blueberry and Gold Leaf. All feminized from ILGM. All 3 have been easy to grow with no real issues.


I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Don’t get me wrong my light is by no means the best, I am using a viparspectra. Unfortunately I hadn’t done my 2d worth of reading through different topics here yet in order to know the things I do now. When I saw those tent packages popping up more and more recently on Amazon with pieced out cheap lights, tents, and fans I knew they were destined to start popping up here too. I really hope people take the time to read through the experiences people have here with some of the lack of performance of some really sub par lighting before dumping the money into one of those combos. It’s so tempting to get something like that or a “stealth” box because hey it’s convenient and well affordable! But not the best idea in this case. Happy growing! :innocent:

PS regardless of equipment, Autos are always the best to start with as a beginner! Way less work and chances to mess stuff up. By no means are they self maintaining but they are easier to start with. I just started with my first grow of ILGM Cheese Auto :heart_eyes: