What fertilizer to use?

Yes, I have been following, reading, and LEARNING so much from everyone here. I have read almost every new thread since joining.

Appreciate everyone here imparting so much knowledge, lessons learned, and amazing results as well as failures.

Sad to hear about the loss of so much of your time and efforts, and money.

Look forward to my continued learning and sharing my experiences as I progress.

I lost one of my WWA night before last . Something is snipping them into and eating on the leafs It has to be some kind of insect, I think .I took them from the woods to the inside of my garage last night and I be damn something done 5 more the same way. I checked every plant and checked all over the basket I have them setting in . Hell I even checked the dirt to make sure something wasn’t burrowing in the dirt during the day and come out at night . I’m down to 9 WWA and started out with 20 . Man it’s almost disheartening. It’s about too late in the year to order more. If I thought I had enough time I would order more auto’s and put them somewhere different

It’s learning, but thanks, I appreciate it. Not much money lost. The folks here are very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn’t ask for more. I still have a nice stash for a first time. The Bud Rot literally showed up overnight due to the extreme humidity for many days, thankfully I was there to catch it early. I was taught quickly about doing a Bud Wash, and I am glad I did. It was amazing how much crap came off the plants

If you can grow indoors, you can do this all year long. I am by no means a bug expert but Lots of folks here recommend Capt. Jack’s dead bug brew, and you can get it, where else, Amazon. It has Bonide, which is a mother nature natural bug killer. Can be applied to plants almost to harvest, I have it and used it on pepper plants in the greenhouse early spring. I would try this before losing more plants. If you need encouragement, What I harvested smells wonderful, incredible uplifting high. You need to post pictures so the “wizards” here can help, and they will.

Hello @Hillbilly420 as @jetlag said, I am by no means an expert in any area here. However, I have done so much reading since my first grow began in mid-May.

AzaMax is highly recommended I read especially for spider mites, which is not your issue based on the account.

Another one that I have used for an early fungus gnat issue was Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap. I diluted the recommended concentration just to test how the little girls would respond. I used a sprayer and dosed the soil. This was on June 6th. Plants look great, no fungus gnats to be seen since. I am growing indoors which makes a huge difference.

Look into those and see what you make.

Good luck.


Okay thank you for the help I greatly appreciate it!! If I did decide to go indoors which lights are the best? Also what WWA I got left I took them to my bedroom with me last night. Right beside my bed

Lol… Their not getting them!!


Three of them still might not make it. They was cut almost into but still had a string or two holding them on . I just raked more dirt around them and hope for the best.

The white stuff on the leafs is lime. I sprinkled some on them hoping it would help keep the insects away.

Sorry, just reading this post of yours in detail. The little meters are as indicated, but also have an even smaller thermostat as well. They are not needed for curing, but they certainly help. As I learnt the hard way, the combination of high temps and moisture can be deadly. This way you keep an eye on the temps and RH inside the jar. If RH starts getting too high, you can dump them on a tray for a day or so to help with drying before putting back in the jar. There are different thoughts on correct RH/Temps combinations, but anywhere in the low 70’s and RH below 65% seems to be ok. Mine are reading between 55-59% RH and 74F in the house. I am “burping” them a couple of times a day for the first week. After that, I must read up some more on it, lol.

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Hello @jetlag. Thanks for the follow up. While I am nowhere near this stage, it helps to be prepared. I am having a heck of time with high temps these days. My grow closet is hitting high 80s. RH between 52-60. I have four plants going. Three are preflower stage (one may be in flower - not sure what the difference is?). Read many places/posts to keep RH below 50 during this stage. I think the combination of heat and light intensity (Bloom Plus 1000), I may be stressing the girls out a little too much. Not much I can do about it. Have two fans blowing to circulate air.

Well, how’s the WW? Have you sampled yet?

Thanks for all the info.

Taste awesome, a little too green yet, but very smooth. Mine are in a greenhouse, basically outside. I have had little issue with RH while in Veg. I keep fans running for fresh air, and keep them watered. Obviously, once in bloom the RH became a big issue. You will know when they start flowering. Are you doing Photos or Autos?

Okay, thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

@jetlag The three are all autos. Seems like two are either pre-flower or flower (Blueberry and Amnesia) and one has yet to show any signs (Northern Lights).

I had so many issues with the NTH and AMN. Both seemed to have died. I sought advice here and they came back. They are small, but growing nonetheless. The BB is doing very well - about 16" and very wide. Taking up most of my small space. I think three were too many for my ~2x2 space. Live and learn.

Temps still running high - 84 with 54 RH. The NTH may be heat stressed as I see the upper leaves just beginning to curl upwards. Limited space, limited budget.

This was the start if interested:

Link sharing does not seem to be working, sorry. That’s the URL. Got lots of advice from Tinman and beardless.

It has to be interesting to grow 3 strains at once. One is enough to keep me busy

Definitely not going to do this again. One plant, one strain.

What were the issues with the NTH and AMN?

As it was the first time for me, I overwatered the first try and killed them. On the second try, the NTH germinated quickly, I planted as carefully as possible. I noticed it broke soil a few days later. However, I started to see that it was not coming up straight but rather in an arc. I started to see the cotyledons in the soil. I used tweezers to gently free it, and it began growing upwards. It is amazing how much it has grown now. However, it has yet to go into pre-flower. Someone was hinting at a genetics issue with the NTH since it was the second time it happened. I think it was just my lack of knowledge and expereince.

The AMN was similar. Maybe too much water too soon - too much love! It has recovered greatly as well and is in pre-flower now.

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I have read that even FoxFarms says not to supplement until at least 5 weeks in…and that is coming from a company intent on selling you nutrients.

I can vouch for that. I planted in early March and still getting high readings

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