What fertilizer to use?

I have 15 White Widow Auto’s that is 6 days old. I have them in 2/3 Fox Farm Happy Frog and 1/3 Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I haven’t fertilize them yet. What kind of fertilizer do I need to use? When do I need to fertilize them and how often? I really would appreciate and info.

I have my WWA outdoors in 10 gallon fabric grow bags.

Any pics?

Not for a few weeks


I have 3 WW Autos, already done and drying, and 3 WW photos still going in 50/50 HF and OF and didn’t need to fertilize in over 8 weeks.


Shouldn’t be necessary until at least 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant in your soil.

The best way to determine when to feed is to monitor PPM and begin feeding when your PPM gets to be lower.


No , I’ll take some today when I go and check on them

Thank you

Okay, thank you… If you don’t mind me asking how much did you get off of the three you already cut.

Okay ,Thank you…, This is going to sound stupid to you. But, what is PPM

Parts per million. It’s the measure of total dissolved solids and tells you the nute levels in your runoff.

When It is time to fertilize what type do you guys use?

I really do appreciate you taking the time and having patience to explain this stuff to me. What do I need to check the mutes in the run off?

Sorry nutes. Dame auto check spelling

Apera and BlueLab make good products. I have an Apera PC60 that I use and it measures both PPM and pH. If cost is a concern, then there are less expensive products out there.


The cheap tds meters work well for this kind of testing. If you’re in the market for a ph tester as well, then check out the pc60 multi parameter. Just don’t go cheap with a ph meter unless you like calibrating.

Similar tds meter to what I have. Readings still remain true after 2 years.



Tried replying with pictures and cell phone, nothing came through it appears. Site is screwed up. They are drying as we speak, almost ready for curing. Towards the end, and after 10" of rain in two weeks, I found some bud rot, so lost some nice buds. I am not sure how much is left, not bad but could have been much better. I am growing in a greenhouse by the way, and why such a humidity issue.

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I bet the smell is heavenly!! Their nice by the way.