What fertilizer is best

Question from a fellow grower!

What liquid fertilizer is best for the plants when using klasmann T4 white pead as a grow medium?

I’m unfamiliar with your media, but I believe growing in Peat is going to be pretty similar regardless of who is packaging it. Synthetic nutrient manufacturers all pretty much using the same stuff in their base nutrients. Instructions may be a little different and you will likely have difference in final npk ratio from brand to brand, but if you checked ingredients on 10 different brands they’re all going to be different mixtures of the same stuff.

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If you are flexible enough to try something besides liquid, jacks 321is a simple nute to use but you do have to mix with water

Whichever you go with just make sure to follow the label exactly as it reads until you understand what the plants are needing.
I always start 1/2 strength.