What fertilizer has molybdenum in it?

What fertilizer has molybdenum in it? Ive tried to fine one but can’t seem to find anything other then this one but idk how much to feed.

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You can add lime to reduce the acidity of the soil.
A remedy is to add lime to the soil to reduce its acidity , making molybdenum in the soil available for plant uptake. A deficiency can also occur in peat soils and highly weathered soils with low levels of nutrients. Molybdenum is an essential trace element for the growth of plants.

Im growing in coco coir so there is no natural molybdenum in the soil. No matter how much lime i use, i doubt its gonna help me. How do i go about adding the correct amount into the coco?

Coco is inert. You have to add all the nutrients yourself.

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I’m kinda confused at why you are asking about MO. If you use a quality nutrients schedule then you shouldn’t have to worry about it

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Hey @Silverfd you could look for nutrients for hydroponic grows. I’ve been using General Hydroponics Flora series and it works great for my DWC system. I’ve also used in coco coir and had excellent results.

Also you’ll need to add some beneficial microbes as they are not found in coco coir. I’ve been using Hydroguard with my DWC system.

You may look at something specific to coco coir.

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Good thread @LateNightGardner :+1:

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@Silverfd I found it in the this,

:smiley: I use this stuff on my seedlings to part of veg cycle. No nitrogen so doesn’t burn seedlings.

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Where did you find that at?

The “micro” component of most cannabis fertilizers contain what you are looking for. Jack’s Part A and Fox Farm Grow Big both contain molybdenum.