What fertalizer mixture should I change to once my plants have reached the flowering stage. (outdoors)

My plants have been planted since March. They are about 9 feet tall, all females and have began to flower. At this time what fertilizer mixture would I change to at this time. I mix all my own fertilizers and would like to know if their is a good mix at the flowering stage.

Would recommend less nitrogen and use more P and K. Bud igniter works very well and so does Nirvana. That’s what I’m using in soil and having very good results. Big bud works awesome from weeks 2 thru 4. I have a 2 month old Sour Diesel I forced to bloom and it is amazing looking. Buds are very dense!

Yes. Start with Same Nitrogen and raise Phosphate levels for a week or 2, along with boosted Potassium levels. In the 3rd or 4th week of flower start dropping the Nitrogen and Phosphates and keep up on the Potassium.

phosphates are energy and stimulates roots. At some point you need to allow the plant to concentrate on flowers and not roots. This is why Phosphate should only be injected during transition and early flower. Potassium gives you the bulk and sweetness.


Do you know what the chemical make up of Bid Bud? Also the Nirvana what is it’s chemical breakdown.? I always had good luck by mixing my own, but my buds are not real dense. What is in the Bid Bud and Nirvana that gives the buds that the real dense or thickness of the buds? Thanks for the help!!

@ftsco. I will have it for you shortly

@ftsco. Not sure of chemical breakdown of BigBud But.I do know it delivers the proper amount of potassium and L Amino acids that most nutrients don’t provide. It has all the proper building blocks of Phenols,Proteins,Terpinoids and Alkaloids. It is guaranteed by a money back no questions basis. Look up BigBud@advancednutrients. Com. Also Nirvana is an all natural flower booster. Has good potassium ratio for carbohydrates in need! Compatible with all nutrients as well. Nirvana@advancednutrients.com

Thanks RonAz420. I have grown for a long time. Never knew that this forum was here to let growers talk between themselves. This is great! I do thank you for the information. I have been to the two web sites that you talked about. Thanks again.

Your very welcome! Hope you have an awesome grow this year! Best wishes

I want to thank you for the information. It is great to have a way to talk to other growers. Again thanks.

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It is one the container. Also you can go to Advanced Nutrients website and all information is stored there.

Thank you for the help!!